OCR Software : How its Help my Works..

Have you using OCR software? or maybe you never hear what is OCR Software? That is one of helpful my work. For scanning book to become editable documents. The OCR Software is able to extract the text from the image files of the most popular formats and save them in formats that can be edited and archived as needed.

The program supports images in BMP , GIF , JPEG , JPG , PNG , PSD and TIFF formats . He is able to identify such text files , convert it into a document and save it to the extent you prefer . This way , you are spared the typing job , avoiding wasting time on a task that can be simplified.

OCR Software : How its Help my Works Besides opening image files , the OCR Software is also able to scan a document, and you do not have to worry about compatibility issue , since the utility connects to the scanner by standard application you already use . It is also possible to get the text from a webcam, and adjusting color format , file type , resolution, brightness and contrast is allowed .

The program can recognize specific areas . Ie , simply select desired sections , so it is not necessary to analyze an image in full every time. To boot, the software also includes tools for correcting common mistakes when doing the scan of a document .

OCR to Word uses the Ribbon, the graphic element introduced by the 2007 Microsoft Office that serves to group commands and controls in a horizontal band at the top of the screen in an application . Ie , all functions of this application can be accessed from this range.

I have try free ocr software, but it’s not so good for result.

So, i decide to buying best paid OCR softwareABBYY FineReader“. It’s support many languange and table extract.

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My Opinion :

OCR Software is a program with nice visuals, similar to the Office suite programs , and even Windows Explorer to the new version of Microsoft’s operating system. However , it is known that not everyone likes this visual pattern , so this utility can not win the favor of all.

The software is extremely simple to use , because all keys are always at hand on the bar that sits at the top of the screen . There are no complications in any part of the process is to open a picture or scan a document .

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