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Regular backups are still among the most forgotten security measures. No wonder, existing solutions have so far been rather cumbersome. This changes with Genie Timeline Professional.

Genie Timeline Pro 2014

Genie Timeline Pro 2014 – 3 Pack

Genie Timeline Pro 2014 – 5 Pack

Genie Timeline Pro continuously creates data backups and offers a variety of user-friendly and professional backup options for Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP.. Increase the security of your data with the Genie Timeline Backup and adjust after accidental deletion or hardware crash your restore files.

Genie Timeline Pro UI kept simple

Genie Timeline Professional 2014

Even novice users quickly find their way through the UI kept simple. Genie Timeline has convinced me, especially in the point usability and ease of use. The backup program can be wonderfully easy to use and provides the continuous data backups optimum protection for your computer.

Timeline Pro is ideal for our needs, thanks to the encryption of the backed up data – just install and forget carefree! Highly recommended for anyone looking for a stress-free backup for home or office.

Genie Timeline Pro Key Feature :

Genie Timeline Professional 2014 – once installed, life-long protection. In just two steps to set up your backups a: Genie Timeline Pro makes it possible.

  1. Powerful and easy. Setup in 3 simple steps
  2. Intelligent Backups. Automatic backup and monitoring of your files on your computer, external and network drives
  3. Security. Encryption for your backup
  4. Sleek and fast. No slowing down or alerts that interrupt your computer games, movies or presentations
  5. Useful features on the go. Monitor your backup anytime, anywhere
  6. Integration in Windows. Context menu options and a built-in Windows Explorer Timeline
  7. Disaster Recovery (DR). Protect your PC and data in case of hardware failure, crash and virus attack with disaster recovery
  8. Automatic processes. No user intervention is required; Reliable execution in the background

Genie Timeline Pro : “Once installed – life-long protection”

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